Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Hybrid Powertrain Program: Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research

Dr. Weisheng (James) Jiang

Principal Research Engineer

Short Biography

Weisheng-James-Jiang_1_200x250Weisheng (James) Jiang received his Bachelor’s Degree in vehicle engineering from College of Automotive Engineering, Jilin University, China, in 2009. He worked as a research assistant at the Clean Energy Automotive Engineering Research Center, Tongji University, China, from 2009 to 2011. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from McMaster University in April 2016. Currently, he is working as a Principal Research Engineer in the Program of the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain at MacAUTO. His main research interests include design of electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle powertrains, design of interior permanent magnet motor, design and control of switched reluctance motor, noise and vibration analysis of traction motors.

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Weisheng-James-Jiang_3_250x450When James was a sophomore, he participated in a project aspiring to design and build a three-wheeled car from the ground up. Concerned about methods to achieve higher fuel economy, he immersed himself in whatever reference books and papers were available. He discovered that proper driving strategies were essential. In the end, the project won the highest financial support, sponsored by the Ministry of Education in China.

After graduating from Jilin University, James chose to work as a research assistant in the Clean Energy Automotive Center, Tongji University, Shanghai. He wrote two reports on battery electric vehicle development and solar electric vehicle, based on a comprehensive research. Since joining the Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Hybrid Powertrain Program, James has been focusing on the “heart” of a clean energy vehicle. For James, switched reluctance machines (SRMs) are an excellent alternative and most promising candidate for clean vehicle applications in the future. He is delighted that the SRM research and studies completed within the CERC in Hybrid Powertrain Program have been heavily supported, and he’s pleased to be involved in the project and have the chance to study in this exciting field.

Two dreams, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed James’ life. His first dream is that one day all cars will fly over any terrain, and traffic jams will be relegated to memories of the past. The other is that all vehicles will consume clean energy, leaving humans with fresh air to breathe and a green world to enjoy. For James, his ambitions stop nothing short of helping change the world by enabling the development of a more secure energy system, which he believes will simultaneously help conquer climate change. He doesn’t just want to make new technologies for people to play with, but he wants to help give people hope for the future of humanity. In James’ five-year plan, he sees himself in an industry job in the U.S., Germany, or in Japan, even though he really loves living in Canada. As he describes, “I am always impressed by the kindness of Canadians, like bus drivers and everyday people you meet on the street.” For James, Canadians are always treating him with respect and he has enjoyed all of the areas he has visited during his time here.