Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Hybrid Powertrain Program: Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research

Christopher Mak

Master’s Student

Short Biography

Christopher Mak received his B.Tech degree in Automotive Technology and Manufacturing from McMaster University, and Advanced Mechanical Technology diploma and Business Management certificate from Mohawk College in 2017. He is an alumni of the McMaster Formula Hybrid team, and EcoCAR 3 team. Presently he is working as a research engineer at the McMaster Automotive Resource Center. Chris’s research interests include automotive engineering, electric and mechanical design.


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Chris has a strong passion in STEMS and takes it upon his own to learn more about anything and everything. At a yo

ung age he would disassemble anything he could get his hands on which infuriated his parents. Even before highschool he built and overclocked his first computer, and vacuum tube amplifier. This desire for knowledge lead Chris to McMaster University where he completed his undergraduate degree in the Bachelor of Technology program. Chris was a committed member of the McMaster Formula Hybrid and EcoCAR3 team team where he has developed many skills, and helped further the success of the teams. 

During his time on the Formula Hybrid team, Chris developed the team’s first all wheel chassis dynamometer, that would later become instrumental in developing the team’s first all wheel drive powertrain. He further went on to designing and integrating that powertrain, and required energy storage system. Taking this knowledge he had gained on the Formula Hybrid Team, Chris moved over to the EcoCAR3 team, and helped design and integrate a 700hp, and 1000Nm powertrain, and resulting hybrid energy storage system. Chris has played a major role in helping both teams win many accolades over the last 5 years, one of the most notable being the GM Best Engineered Hybrid award, 3 years running.

Chris’s research with the MacAUTO group allows him to continue using and expanding on skills he’s picked up during his undegrad. Chris believes by implementing the new technologies being developed at the McMaster Automotive Resource Center in a professional manner, the group can cause a paradigm shift in the field of electric machines, and power electronics.