Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Hybrid Powertrain Program: Electric, Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Research

Alison Bayzat

McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Project Manager

Short Biography


Alison Bayzat is pursuing her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and Society with a Minor in Computer Science. She joined the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre in September 2015, and is currently the Project Manager of The McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Team. Alison is extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with a dedicated team of faculty and students, focused on developing revolutionary ideas for the automotive industry.

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Alison Bayzat became interested in engineering through her attendance of McMaster University’s Learning Enrichment Advancement Program (L.E.A.P). She attended the program for both Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Technology, eventually developing her interest for Electrical and Computer Engineering. After her exposure to engineering at L.E.A.P, Alison went on to join F.I.R.S.T Robotics Team 3161, eventually being the Electrical Captain and the Drive Team Coach.

Alison is currently in her fourth year of Electrical Engineering and Society with a Minor in Computer Science. She is especially interested in focusing on the computer science aspect of her degree after graduation. After experiencing L.E.A.P as a student, Alison went on to become the Director of Venture Engineering and Science, a McMaster University’s S.T.E.M program for elementary school children.

Throughout her studies, Alison has developed a strong leadership presence on campus and is currently the President of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Society, and Co-President of the Women in Engineering Society. Alison is very excited to apply her management skills in her current position of the Project Manager of McMaster Engineering EcoCAR 3 Team.